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about us

What is ACDA

The organization's mission is "To provide a voice for the oppressed & disadvantaged members of the community in the Region & to lobby for support & undertake projects to alleviate and improve their situation." Strategic priorities are to overcome the effects of the Lord's Resistance Army on the area population as a post conflict resolution measures.
Our goal is for ACDA to continue to be recognized as a major force in bringing about change for area residents and to be seen by all as a trusted institution that continues to support and enhance the quality of life for all.

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what we do

Our main objectives

  • Community

    Re-establishing the community's long-term sustainability and improving community's social and economic status.

  • Children

    Raising awareness about universal children's rights and education and provide children with protection, food, clothing, medical care and counseling.

  • Education

    Increasing both formal and informal educational and vocational training and creating opportunities for recreation and improvement of social skills.

Sponsor a child

Find out more how to change the world of children in Agoro...

Child Sponsorship

our projects

Our mission is improve the community's sustainability and help the children and women within our community. We work extensively with RESPECT International on seeking funds and resources. If you would like to help us out please contact MARC Schaeffer - the International Coordinator at RESPECT International.
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where is agoro

Agoro is a war-torn rural community in Northern Uganda, located in Kitgum district on the border with Sudan.

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